Vaddio was in need for a feature-rich website that showcased many aspects of their business, including events, classes, markets and their large product catalog. I worked with the team at Supervox Agency on this large project. This site was built using CodeIgnitor framework, a popular PHP framework based on the MVC design pattern to separate design, data and logic. The client is able to manage every aspects of the website through a password protected CMS that I custom built.

Notable aspects of this large project include managing a large product catalog with images, features, specs, and related items, working with users and authentication, managing downloadable files, authenticating partners and allowing them access to special sections of the website, finely-tuned responsive styles for all devices, registration for online classes and demos, cron jobs for regular tasks and much more. 

One challenge in particular was to create a method in which users could sign up for online product demos. Users needed to be able to view available one-hour time slots in real-time and make a selection, which would immediately save their request and schedule it. For this I integrated the Google Calendar API into the website. Each available demo room at the company has an associated calendar, and when a user requests a timeslot each available room is searched for availability. A system of temporary holds and confirmations is set up to allow unconfirmed rooms to open back up, and confirmed rooms to be approved by an administrator. If this project taught me anything, it’s the subtleties of working with time zones, computer clocks and time formats.

The people at Vaddio were extremely happy with the work we did on the website and have been a repeat client for years.