Ripon Athletic needed an online tool that would allow their customers to design their own sports uniform online so that they could preview their orders before making a bulk purchase. The challenge here was that it wasn’t a simple matter of swapping parts or changing colors. Each garment had it’s own collection of parts that often relied on the settings of other parts, so there needed to be a logic to how the customization process worked and how it was applied visually to the graphics.

The solution I went with was to create a strict convention for building uniform templates from the original vector artwork. A back-end administration section allows the client to log in and name each of the garment pieces and assign editable properties like colors, text and sizing. The entire CMS was build with the help of SiteCore, and often times paired with the import/export capabilities of a custom built flash admin tool.

The user-friendly uniform builder tool performed the following functions:

  • Allow the user to customize a uniform from a library of templates
  • View their progress based on number of steps for a fully designed uniform
  • Load pre-configured styles designed by the client
  • Save and retrieve their customized uniforms
  • Email the design to a rep
  • Print their designs in a specially formatted spec sheet

The website as a whole, which included the uniform builder tool, won a Website of the Year award from Sitecore.