This site allows the user to make an interactive version of Paul bust a groove and shake his white-boy money-maker.  It is the reason that everybody I know has been calling me 'Dancing Paul' for the last 15 years. I initially made this basic Flash site as a project to help myself learn Flash and Action Scripting, but it turned into a viral phenomenon for a period of time around 2001. I got upwards of a million hits a month at the height of DancingPaul’s popularity.

It all started with a free copy of Flash 2 and a first generation digital camera that took 3.5 inch floppy discs. With a few hours to spare at work I had a co-worker snap some photos of me and I started importing into the flash timeline.  

This website won a Webby Award for  "Best Personal Website" back in 2001, which was a pretty great honor and an amazing experience.

I sometimes still get fan mail.